Mothers Strength

By Gift Mbewe, Zambia  It started just around my thigh area, my hamstrings were literally killing me. It felt as though I had been trying to flex my hamstrings for hours. I thought the pain would go away, but then it gradually started shifting towards my knees, into my calves and right down to my … Continue reading Mothers Strength

My Story with The Super MOM! by Yasmine Alice, Algeria

I rented a bike to visit the rice fields scattered around Ubud, the capital city of Bali, one of the most famous islands in Indonesia. I lost myself in a village little known to foreigners and rode quietly in snake-like streets that separated the rice fields from each other. The green and quiet was all … Continue reading My Story with The Super MOM! by Yasmine Alice, Algeria

The Tent by Thabit from Sudan

Among the thousands I saw every day in and around the Idomeni camp at the Macedonian border, I once encountered a young mother who I will never forget. She was, like many other refugees, men, women and children alike, walking the 25 km that separated them from the border.  I was walking, purposefully dealing with many … Continue reading The Tent by Thabit from Sudan