From Pain Into Action

We are all humans, with blood and feelings. When words come from our authentic heart, this will reach out to other people’s hearts and minds. I believe in change, I want to make a change in my community and other communities, I want to show all the world my story as a Palestinian refugee. I … Continue reading From Pain Into Action

My Ambassador of PEACE

by Tamar Shemesh, Israel "We need to separate between two things. There are policies and actions of my government that I don't agree with. On the other hand, Israel my home, and I love my home". Achinoam Nini. NOA, Achinoam Nini, is an International well-known vocalist and musician, Israeli peace activist and my example of … Continue reading My Ambassador of PEACE

Oh, The Kind Nation by Mouad Belahcen, Morocco

It was a sunny day in the late weeks of summer 2011 in the center next to the old port of the French city of Marseille. A group of independent musicians, with the help of donors, organized a small concert for charity to gather donations for the Palestinian children. Palestinian flags and Banners were lifted … Continue reading Oh, The Kind Nation by Mouad Belahcen, Morocco