Droplets of Shame by Karin Attia – Israel

For as long as I can remember, I’ve constantly qualified my identity. Israeli-Moroccan, American-Israeli, born in Israel, but raised in California as if I wanted to remove myself from my birthplace, from my heritage, from my grandparents refuge. Constantly putting a distance between my born identity and not wanting to be labeled as an occupier. … Continue reading Droplets of Shame by Karin Attia – Israel

Death and All His Friends – YaLa in Jordan

Nothing prepares you for that moment when someone looks you in the eye and tells you they have lost a loved one to this war. No psychology degree can teach you how to keep your lungs and heart going when you know you've got nothing… Nothing to say or do that could bring their mother, … Continue reading Death and All His Friends – YaLa in Jordan

Transparent by Kessem Adiv, Israel

  In the past four months, I have been teaching Hebrew twice a week to a group of social workers from East Jerusalem. They come to learn Hebrew (with an exceptional enthusiasm and determination, it should be noted), and I come to teach them Hebrew. At first, that was the atmosphere - I'm the teacher, … Continue reading Transparent by Kessem Adiv, Israel