This is Gaza by S.

GAZA,PALESTINE — At 2:35 AM I hold my phone, and stand in front of the window to took a picture of the landscape. As you see the picture is empty. The darkness covered it. I will not say "this is Gaza". Gaza is suffering from a terrible electricity crisis...

The ‘Old City’ of Nablus by ASEEL S. SALMAN [Photo Essay]

PALESTINE — The most beautiful place in Nablus is the Old City. Not only does the old city have a great historical legacy, but it has a special taste that cannot be replicated.

My Religion is Humanity by ABDELHAK EL OUARGUI [Photo Essay]

MOROCCO — It does not matter where you are from, it does not matter if you are young or old, black or white or yellow or red, rich or poor, healthy or disabled, it does not matter what your religion is… we are all human beings, we want and we deserve to live in peace and happiness. We have to honor the dignity of each one of us!!

Photos From Around the MENA Region – photo essay pt.2 –

Last week YaLa Alumni participated in a photo challenge. Participants from all over the region, including from Sudan, Morocco, Palestine, and Israel, submitted photos from their weekend. Many photos included nature and animals, and they are pictured here.

Deserted Landscapes by Sandra, Tunisia – photo essay –

I really loved this exercise because I enjoy photography so much. Let me begin but guessing what your first reaction would be after seeing these pictures. You are probably going to say: " Well, she didn't take pictures of women, children or taxi drivers..." Indeed, I didn't. I have taken pictures of landscapes, because I want to … Continue reading Deserted Landscapes by Sandra, Tunisia – photo essay –

A Walk in Tunisia by Mohamed Omar Attaaoui, Tunisia – photo essay –

The ancient side of Tunisia  As everyone knows Tunisia is situated in the north of Africa which has made it in constant contact with other civilizations like Arabic, European, Berber and more. Thanks to this diversity, our culture and traditions are a mix of the basics of Arabs and the modernity of Europeans. While having … Continue reading A Walk in Tunisia by Mohamed Omar Attaaoui, Tunisia – photo essay –