Becoming my Choice

On September 19 2017, I came to a realisation that my faith and spirituality should not be something I would like strangers to identify me with, and consequently I took off my Hijab. Questioning my Identification with the headscarf was something I have never thought about before. Actuality, it’s something that terrified me altogether because … Continue reading Becoming my Choice


By Mahmoud, Palestine It was the end of January 2018, the time of year that people in the Middle East expect snow. Alone in my studio apartment in Bethlehem, I remembered images of family gatherings, wearing our warmest clothes, enjoying creatively prepared sweet warm dishes, gathering around a wood stove. We took the warmth from … Continue reading Mirror

A New Beginning

By Ahmed, Sudan My name is Ahmed, I was born into a Muslim family originally from Sudan. I was born and raised in Saudi Arabia then moved to Sudan for University. I studied medicine and currently work as a doctor, and I have remained in Sudan ever since.  In Saudi Arabia, people born to Non-Saudi … Continue reading A New Beginning

A Whore by Maryem Gamar, Morocco

A Whore. That is how they called her and any other women in Arab-Speaking countries. Women are called this if they dare to barge out of the social traditions that make their body a barn from which animals of this misogynistic species feed. Their freedom increases or decreases according to the politics of the country, … Continue reading A Whore by Maryem Gamar, Morocco

Chaos & Faith

By Paula Where chaos and faith are found in every corner: Jerusalem       This is just one example of the important work produced by YaLa’s citizen journalists, a program funded by the European Union’s Peacebuilding Initiative in order to enable young leaders from across the Middle East and North Africa to document and … Continue reading Chaos & Faith

A Path to Grow, by Abd-Allah T., Gaza, Palestine

I understand how closed communities feel about their beliefs. I understand how in these communities, the narrative can be easily set by the people at the top because interaction with the different sides of the argument is minimal. I understand how someone can be attached to their beliefs as a result of being nurtured in … Continue reading A Path to Grow, by Abd-Allah T., Gaza, Palestine

My First Christmas by Tamar Schechtman, Israel

I was born and raised in a quiet little town by the sea, far from borders and conflict and also far from cultural diversity. Other than a short exchange program in Germany during high school, I never actually met anyone who wasn’t Jewish. I knew nothing else. Though I was supposedly privileged, I felt deprived … Continue reading My First Christmas by Tamar Schechtman, Israel