Supreme Objective

Mushriq Al-Quraishi, Iraq In the middle of 2006, a civil war began in my hometown in Iraq. I was 18-years-old and in my final year of high school. My family moved to the Kurdistan Region and I was obliged to finish my final exam at my grandfather's house. It was really hard for me, I … Continue reading Supreme Objective

A New Beginning

By Ahmed, Sudan My name is Ahmed, I was born into a Muslim family originally from Sudan. I was born and raised in Saudi Arabia then moved to Sudan for University. I studied medicine and currently work as a doctor, and I have remained in Sudan ever since.  In Saudi Arabia, people born to Non-Saudi … Continue reading A New Beginning

Ahead Towards Tomorrow by Samaa, Egypt

Some winds come at unexpected moments, blinding your vision with disturbing dust. You can hear the destructive sounds but you are in the middle of nowhere. With eyes opened it seems EVERYTHING HAS COLLAPSED! After my high school graduation in Alexandria City, I was so excited with the idea of going to university. I kept … Continue reading Ahead Towards Tomorrow by Samaa, Egypt

The bright side of bullying by Arij – Tunisia

We were in Arabic class. I was in my 2nd year of secondary school and it was one of my favourite classes. I couldn't help myself from contributing in the various discussions that took place in room 21 of Ibn Rashik Secondary School. I was sitting in the second desk of the right row. There … Continue reading The bright side of bullying by Arij – Tunisia

Little brave heart by Iness Belleili, Algeria

My name is Shahine, I was nine and in fourth grade when I had my first crush, a girl named Zayna; we were classmates and I was secretly admiring her very much. Zayna was a very cute girl with big black eyes and fair skin. She used to be a ballet dancer with excellent marks … Continue reading Little brave heart by Iness Belleili, Algeria