A New Beginning

By Ahmed, Sudan My name is Ahmed, I was born into a Muslim family originally from Sudan. I was born and raised in Saudi Arabia then moved to Sudan for University. I studied medicine and currently work as a doctor, and I have remained in Sudan ever since.  In Saudi Arabia, people born to Non-Saudi … Continue reading A New Beginning

Childlike Heart

 By Yousra, Morocco When we are born, we enter the world as a tabula rasa: nothing is written on us. We have only a future, no past. That is the meaning of innocence. We lose our childlike innocence as time passes, as we grow up and experience the world. I, as a child, was purely … Continue reading Childlike Heart

Your only responsability is to speak up! By Oumaima, Morocco

It was noon and I was leaving the hospital after our morning rounds to head towards a meeting I was really excited about at the Norwegian embassy. I walked out and took the first cab I found, I was too excited and nervous to notice that the driver already had 2 clients in the back … Continue reading Your only responsability is to speak up! By Oumaima, Morocco

Truth, Dream or Fiction? by Noa Cohen, Israel

It was a weekend in 2012, when I came home to spend Shabbat (the Jewish day of rest) with my family in Haifa. At that time I was part of a one year volunteering program in which Israeli-Jews and Israeli-Bedouins worked together in educational frameworks around Be'er Sheva. My Bedouin peer was Dalila (pseudonym) - … Continue reading Truth, Dream or Fiction? by Noa Cohen, Israel

Yom Kippour & Aïd al-Kebir

By Chloé, Je vous parle d’un temps, où Kippour et le ramadan….   Yom Kippour approche. Ce jour, le plus important dans le calendrier juif, sera suivi cette année par la célébration de l’Aïd al-Kebir, la plus importante du calendrier musulman. La proximité de ces deux dates réveille en moi bien des souvenirs. Lorsque je vivais … Continue reading Yom Kippour & Aïd al-Kebir