Hikmat, Palestine – photo essay –

A picture is worth a thousand words; these are pictures of my children when they saw the sea for the first time. We started our day by entering an Israeli military checkpoint in Jalama, which was hard to coordinate since we always have difficulties in obtaining a permit to enter with two children so they … Continue reading Hikmat, Palestine – photo essay –

Bodour, Palestine – photo essay –

Students at school did not use to practice sport activities though they were enthusiastic to do so. This could be attributed to the absence of sport equipment as well as playgrounds. This year, the students are very lucky as they now have the chance to spend their spare time in practicing various sport activities, especially for females in secondary schools.

Raed, Gaza, Palestine – photo essay –

The night these photos were taken we did not have electricity. There are no lights at night except for the ones in the international institutions like "The Culture & Free Thought Association" or the Palestinian Red Crescent Society, which takes care of the disable people who live in my city, Khanyounis.