YaLa Young Leaders work together to create and enact a new regional vision of freedom, equality, prosperity and peace. The YaLa Community is a movement of young people across the Middle East and North Africa who are breaking down divisions and redrawing the map to form a shared community. It connects regional change-makers, allowing them to build their capacities as tomorrow’s leaders, while emphasizing core issues such as peace, human rights, gender equality, higher education and economic development through online advocacy campaigns and face-to-face activities. The YaLa Academy for Citizen Journalism trains and engages hundreds of young activists from across the Middle East and North Africa with practical skills in citizen journalism and new media activism. Its innovative online programs aim to create a network of tech-savvy citizen journalists to engage in cross-border dialogue and voice their opinions in real-time on the issues facing young individuals in the MENA region. In addition to their own channels, participants have their pieces published on YaLa Press, our one-of-a-kind citizen journalism platform.   Contact us: youngleadersyala@gmail.com