Israeli Elections: The Fallacy of the Biggest Party

By Itamar Hauser, Israel For the first time in its history, Israel will go for a second election to parliament on September 17th, 2019, after the last elections’ results, from April 2019, and the following negotiations between the parties did not yield a 61-strong majority coalition in a 120 seat parliament. Personally, I used to … Continue reading Israeli Elections: The Fallacy of the Biggest Party

YaLa Cine Club: The Spy

By M, Syrian filmmaker I have just finished watching the first two episodes of a TV program called ‘The Spy’. These new series relates the story of the Israeli spy, Eli Cohen. I have been waiting to broadcast it as soon as Netflix announced the series. I was very curious to hear the story of … Continue reading YaLa Cine Club: The Spy

We Are All Israa

By J.M, Palestine   Let my body give you an overdose  My aura moves the dominos  They said I have demons, Ha? Even the demons loved me, Ra! Tell them  Ana Hurra Ana Hurra  To be strong, don't ask me to I am strong already, I can make a crew I was just not ready  … Continue reading We Are All Israa

Élections israéliennes: Ni libres ni justes

Article écrit par Dvir Aviam, Israël  Les prochaines élections israéliennes sont un exemple de l'érosion continue de la démocratie dans la région. Bien que certains développements représentent un espoir pour la jeunesse, les élections ont mis en doute la prétention israélienne d’être la «seule démocratie du Moyen-Orient». Pour le lecteur non-informé, voici un bref résumé … Continue reading Élections israéliennes: Ni libres ni justes

Israeli Elections – Neither Free nor Fair

By Dvir Aviam Ezra, Israel   The upcoming Israeli elections are an example of the continued erosion of democracy in the region. While some developments represent hope for the young, the elections have cast into doubt the Israeli claim of being the 'only democracy in the middle east'. For the unaware reader, a short overview – … Continue reading Israeli Elections – Neither Free nor Fair

She lays down her sword

By Abigail Levitt, Israel The Knight in shining armour Takes her helmet off To reveal her golden hair Her powerful pelvis Her life-bearing womb She lays down her sword And washes away her sins She looks up at the stars At the tower At the rope Made of women's hair All the women who came … Continue reading She lays down her sword

Football’s Peace Team in a FairPlay Tournament

By Abdullah K, Palestine and Dalya Arussy, Israel   It’s 3 AM. We’re blinded by the fluorescent lights of Ben Gurion Airport’s Terminal 1. Our eyes want to close but we know we must keep them open to try and recognize the last participants to arrive before we can check-in. We met only once before, … Continue reading Football’s Peace Team in a FairPlay Tournament